Why should you bet on Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is developing dynamically – more and more companies invest in their image as employer. It is not only a short-term trend, corresponding to current market needs, but also a reflection of more global changes.

In a competitive and changing market environment, engaged and loyal workforce is key resource. The ability to attract best candidates and then retain top performers determines the business success. Companies put more focus on employee engagement, and include building human capital as part of their business strategies. All of this results in more spotlight put on employer banding.

A natural consequence of the growing interest in the employer branding area is the growing professionalization of this field. This was demonstrated by this year’s high level of applications for the Employer Branding Stars competition, industry awards for the best employer branding campaigns in Poland organized by the Employer Branding Institute. In their submissions, participants described their campaigns and projects including such elements as: analysis of the initial state, adopted strategy and action plan. In the first editions of the competition, defined EVP (Employee Value Proposition) was relatively rare and strategic assumptions were seldom based on a prior analysis’s results, which is a standard at the moment. Professionals who are responsible for employer branding gained more business awareness that allows them to link EB activities with the business objectives.

The development of employer branding industry requires from its professionals constant knowledge broadening and skills enhancement. Employer branding studies for managers at Kozminski University in Warsaw provide an excellent opportunity to gain EB knowledge as well as develop other business interests. The studies offer various classes, most of which refer to the everyday employer branding practice. It also a great opportunity for networking and building relationships with other students, who are usually professionally active in the EB and HR field. The studies provide a lot of inspiration, opinions exchange and wider perspective on EB related areas such as media planning and buying, marketing, internal communication, social media, corporate culture and employee engagement.

Postgraduate studies at Kozminski University organized together with the Employer Branding Institute ensure direct and free contact between students and lecturers. The classes include discussions and case studies; every participant has the opportunity to present his/her own practical examples and ask questions concerning every day EB challenges. An individual approach is our strong point – we always tailor the program to the expectations and needs of the students (based on the initial survey).

Post-graduate studies is an investment of time, money and effort and that is why the school should be chosen very carefully. From my perspective, EB Studies at Kozminski is certainly a good decision, which will pay back in the future.

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