How I teach Internal Communication to Employer Branding managers at Kozminski University

Since 2014, I have lectured internal communication at the Employer Branding managerial post-graduate studies, organized by the Kozminski University and the Employer Branding Institute. This year, together with our students, we spent one day discussing internal communication use, tools, and best practices.

It is almost a truism to say that building company’s external image with success, in this case employer brand, requires consistent and real actions within the organization, meaning there must be no gap between what we say about the company on the market and how it really looks inside. Nevertheless, in practice, internal communication and employer branding are two separate corporate areas, very often not only managed by different departments, but also coordinated with no mutual consistency.

A very big advantage of EB studies conducted by the Kozminski University and the Employer Branding Institute is the fact that it includes internal communication in its curriculum and equips its employer branding students with theoretical and practical skills to navigate between the internal and external employer brand management areas enabling them to effectively coordinate their work.

During the classes, we do the theoretical introduction to basic internal communication concepts, we follow their evolution and explore current trends. Theoretical knowledge increases awareness, helps practitioners make better decisions, and gives them more business confidence equipping with additional argumentation necessary to push forward with their activities.

Students have also opportunity to share their own experiences and are encouraged to exchange knowledge while going through given case studies – practical examples of internal communication activities, IC campaigns, plans and tools used. We always discuss different possible approaches, their context and application. The goal of the workshop task, ending the classes, is to prepare an internal communication strategy for one of the described companies. Results are presented to the group and discussed, very often analysing alternative solutions and actions.

The classes provide students with set of tools and skills allowing them to prepare internal communication plans and strategies supporting desired employer brand.


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